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Debt Mediation

Why wait? Take the chance to complete the form. In easy steps, we offer you a debt solution that allows you to consolidate your debt into a single payment. This means that instead of paying multiple credit providers, you only have one payment to maintain.

The act (NCA 34 of 2005) provides a legislated remedy for over-indebted consumers (viz Debt Mediation ). An alternative to Debt Review is a voluntary payment arrangement to pay their accounts.

The effectiveness of Debt Mediation is when it is managed on a controlled basis. It is the responsibility of all Credit Providers who adhere to Section 86 (5)(a) of the act to act in good faith in the Debt Review Process all negotiations should be designed to result in a responsible debt re-arrangement plan for their client.

The current management  has been involved with debt restructuring for over 10 years.

Debt Review Removal

Once you have applied for debt review and you stick to the new rearranged payment and the debt review flag get finally removed from your credit profile, you’ll be eligible to take out credit.

Debt review is the process whereby a debt counsellor assists a client with his outstanding debt and implements an affordable structured debt repayment plan

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