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About Us

Our approach
Debt Restructure

Many consumers are now seeking negotiable terms for debt repayments. Reduced monthly instalments are what we help our customer attain.

Rigid Debt Management Program


Our experience has indicated that distressed clients use our facilities for approximately 1 year and once rehabilitated, are in a position to negotiate with their creditors in their personal capacity.

  • The restructuring and payment of total Debt
  • One convenient payment from Client towards total Debt amount
  • Signed Power of Attorney
  • Stop Order deduction direct with the client
  • Regular Debt facilitation and training by our team of Debt and Legal practitioner

Our Mission

Our missions are set to strive for the best and produce higher quality work.

  • MyDebt wishes to be the preferred service provider for Debt Rehabilitation solutions.
  • Our plan is to extend our services to the entire population of South Africa.
  • We wish to extend our helping hand in times of financial stress to our clients.
  • Our client’s financial wellness is of utmost importance.
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